Client Briefing

To be able to read your client and to deliver what they are imagining, without them being able to voice it, is an art unto itself, which is only learnt through time and experience. This is the most important first step towards pleasing this client and their space.

Visual Concepts, 3D Design & Space Planning

These are integral steps towards the ultimate interior- one must be able to show the client the final look and feel so they can envision themselves in the finished space.

Commissioning of Craftsmen & Sourcing

Each and every job should be handled like it’s your first. As one curates, sources and finds the right look, feel and ultimately what fits into the interior being created- One should feel special, as you are being handled exclusively and the designer is bringing a fresh inspiration into each project. This is my secret to a successful and well finished interior.

Managing Budget, Deadline Control and Finishing Touches

A detailed quotation is a non-negotiable step in producing the end results. The client is Never in the dark as far as cost control goes, and every step is budgeted for and discussed upfront with the client. Deadlines are streamlined and met with all the stakeholders required on the project and managed accordingly. The clients expectations are of utmost importance..